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FRLSH (Fire Retardant Low Smoke and Low Halogen) Cable in Triple Extrusion Technology (HR-FRLSH + FRLSH + FRLSH) as per BIS: 694'1990.

Despite working voltage and physical appearance being less and thin, combination of thermal - electrical -mechanical phenomenon are considered to be main constituent for contribution of safety aspect. These criteria do impart both at wiring stage and when cable is in charge. Our regular and standard production range in this category is single core 0.5 to 6 sqmm. Cable with higher sizes including multicore is also manufactured with FRLSH property on demand.

Conductor is annealed untinned laid in bunched form either in class 2 or 5 as per BIS 8130 of super electrolytic grade having conductivity 99.97%. Bunching is made uniformly so as to achieve better bonding, tensile strength with uniform lay length . Conductor also conforms well to the DC resistance parameters as stipulated in BIS: 8130.
Gloster with adequate experience in PVC compounding process, designed three layers (triple extrusion) on line in single operation, unique of its kind in our Country. All the three layers in combination offer FRLS characteristics and insulation thickness as stipulated in BIS: 694'1990.
The first layers offers firm bonding of conductor in its own form, in addition offers better temperature withstand capacity of 1050C either in normal working condition or during short circuit and its lock in period, thereby circuit integrity remains operational.
The second layer is PVC (without pigmentation) having physical property to withstand abrasion, pull during wiring etc besides having insulation resistance and FRLSH property. The third layer is also PVC compound with FRLSH property act as a skin, pigmented more due to aesthetic look and satisfy statutory stipulation.
The wire offered excellent results at the in house stringent type test as stipulated in relevant BIS. The test carried out in a sample taken at random from the regular production batch and the test values obtained are much better than any brands available in the market with similar specification.

For further details, please refer to our attached technical product catalogue.