LT Power Cable manufacturer in India
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LT XLPE/PVC insulated power cables :

GLOSTER, as a leading LT Power Cable manufacturer in India, offers an unique design of conductor with high degree of compactness (with filling factor of 94%) to achieve better conductivity, low loss. This ensures reduced overall dia of cable, without any compromise in electrical parameters and thereby performance. This process is followed for stranded conductor from 16/25 onwards.

For unarmoured cables, Gloster being one of the renowned LT Power Cable manufacturers in India recommends to offer only uni-sheath rather processing inner sheath and outersheath separately. This ensures better bondage of cores and effective strength of cables.

Available with Aluminium conductor (H2/H4 grade), Electrolytic grade of copper (with density of 8.94 per Cm3) up to 1000 for single core and 630 for Multicore cables. Similarly, control cables are manufactured in 1.5 and 2.5 up to 61 cores.

GI steel strip or round wire are used as per standard design for Multicore cables and aluminium hard drawn wire armour for single core cables.

Outer sheath with black coloured PVC outer sheath with type ST1 type for PVC cables and ST2 for XLPE cables are offered as per relevant BIS. Outer sheath with different colours are also manufactured on demand.


Gloster Cable is a well known LT Power Cable manufacturers in India, and provide the clients a world-class range of LT Power Cable which is fabricated using high quality material. LT Power Cables are suitable for diverse purposes and comes in various colors and diameters, as per the requirement of the application.

For further details, please refer to our technical catalogues.